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A Predictable Sales Forecast: Get Off the Roller Coaster

A predictable sales forecast - is that even possible? We don’t often use "predictable" and "sales" in the same sentence. Our forecast often feels more like a roller coaster ride - not very smooth and not very predictable.

However, we refer to our sales forecast like a prediction of sales to come. So if your sales forecast is a prediction of future sales revenue, we had better stop guessing at the numbers and begin to create a foundation based on information. Oh yeah - and there is no such thing as a crystal ball.

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Struggling to execute your B2B sales and marketing strategy? Work from the ground up.

Most of us would agree that strategy execution is critical to running a successful business. In manufacturing, you won’t last long if you can’t figure out how to build widgets to spec or ship them to your customers. B2B sales and marketing are no different. You need a big picture strategy and goal to guide your work but you also need a plan for how to get it done.

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4 Easy Steps to Demand Generation

Step 1: Balance

Balance. Easier said than done in the business world. Perhaps Simon Sinek sums it up best: 

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7 Manufacturing Lead Generation Tips – Treat  Your Prospecting The Same Way You Would a New-Hire

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released two intriguing statistics about employee turnover:

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Be Fierce but Graceful - and do Great Things

Not too long ago I was talking with one of the professional sales trainers at Hubspot and it got me thinking about just how much I enjoyed their bootcamp class. It prompted me to go back and reread a blog I wrote that was inspired by it. As it turns out, the concepts and tips in that blog are as relevant now as they were when I wrote it in 2017 – maybe even more so. If you work in the world of B2B sales and marketing, you may enjoy some of its insights. Happy reading!

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Finding Ideal Clients With Content Marketing

In the past, we've discussed why you should define your ideal client/prospect – and how to do it! We called this creating your buyer persona(s). Have you described your ideal (or best) clients and written up their professional and personal characteristics? Great! Now you’re ready to delight them with compelling content, i.e., present your company to your ideal buyers as a trusted expert within your market space.

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Crunch the Numbers to Set Achievable Goals

We know that in the manufacturing and industrial world, setting production goals, establishing quality metrics, and creating work instructions are a necessity. Unfortunately, it is not surprising to find companies in this space don’t treat their sales and marketing activities the same way they would their manufacturing or production environments. All too often, "more sales than last year" is the metric set. In order to establish an effective sales and marketing plan, you must first define your goals, determine the metrics needed to track the success of those goals, and create a plan to get there.

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Align Your Client Facing Teams with a Center of Excellence

If you’re like most in manufacturing, continuous improvement is always on your mind. You spend hours finding ways to streamline production, innovate, bring more value to your customers, increase your revenue, and on and on. One way that manufacturers realize improvement in operations is through formal Centers of Excellence (CoE). It’s hardly a new concept on the production side of manufacturing but have you considered this approach for your marketing, sales, and customer service (a.k.a. client-facing) teams too? Here’s why you should.

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Time and Timing in Lead Generation, Part 4: Getting Your Act Together

Imagine you’ve been tasked with selecting a supplier for a custom manufacturing project. You’ve been involved with the design from the start and, despite some lingering questions about the part’s geometry, you’re heavily invested in a good outcome so you can bring an innovative product to market quickly.

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Timing in Lead Generation Part 3: Inbound Alone is Like Having One Gear

In part two of this series we looked at outbound activities and the time it takes to create, train, and deploy a consistent outreach campaign. It’s not as easy as picking up the phone and closing a deal. It seems simple enough- but if it was easy, everyone would be doing it successfully. The world of sales and marketing – inbound (pulling prospects to you via digital strategies) and outbound (reaching out to engage new opportunities) -- is complex and as a result requires planning and patience. These two activities are interdependent. Consider how gears in synch run smoothly while gears with broken teeth grind and choke. Our two gears, inbound and outbound, need to be tooled well and working in concert. This blog takes a deeper dive into inbound.

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Time and Timing in Lead Generation, Part 2: Time Challenges

In part one of this series we looked at the time it takes to generate leads and how outbound and inbound methods complement each other in this process. But coordinating multiple marketing channels is resource-intensive to implement. If your sales and marketing teams are stretched (whose aren’t these days?), it might seem best to you, or your management team, to focus on traditional outbound marketing. But you know it’s not as easy as picking up the phone and closing a deal.

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Time and Timing in Lead Generation Part 1: You Gotta Nurture

No matter how long you’ve been in manufacturing, you’re acutely aware that timing is everything these days. You’ve invested in a facility and production lines carefully designed for flexibility and maximum output in the least amount of time. Maybe you’re thinking it would be nice to have the same kind of control when it comes to lead generation: plan the process, hit the quota. But- it doesn’t quite work like that.

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