Understanding the Buyer's Journey: A Simple Guide to Lead Generation

Ah, lead generation. A constant battle and love-hate relationship. You win some and you lose some. If you’re facing challenges generating leads, the good news is that you are not alone. In fact, many companies are facing these common challenges:

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Is Your Client-Facing Team Looking in the Same Direction?

A client-facing team (CFT) includes anyone in your organization who has some level of interaction with your clients and prospects. In most organizations the team spans departments: marketing, inside sales, outsides sales, customer service, and depending on your internal structure, quoting.

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Don’t Just Search, Enable Sales with Online Databases

Business is about building relationships between companies, but at some point you won’t know who else is out there to build a relationship with. If you’re in a niche market, introducing a new product, or targeting a new customer base, it takes time to identify new prospects, let alone get in touch and have a fruitful conversation.

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Leaky pipeline? Try a different approach to fix the real problem

Most homeowners know there’s more than one way to fix a problem. Some ways are better than others, especially when you ask yourself if you’re treating the real problem or just the symptoms. If you’ve ever lived with a leaky ceiling, you get it. A well-placed bucket saves the carpet during a storm but doesn’t stop the leak next time. The real problem, replacing the roof, is a major undertaking – lots of time and money, and lots of room for unexpected discoveries. But it solves the real problem. And when the carpet stays dry in the next storm, you’ll know the disruption was worth it.

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How Interns Can Enhance Your Team

Interns can be a great addition to a team if they are leveraged in the right way.  They can bring new perspective, fill existing gaps on your team, and expand skills you didn't know you needed.  Let's talk about how to get the peak performance out of your interns. 

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Pinpoint Your Ideal Client to Build a Sales and Marketing Plan that Works

How many of you know who your ideal clients are? You might be thinking, “Of course I do! I completely understand my ideal clients.” But can you describe in clear detail exactly who these ideal clients (sometimes called buyer personas) are, what they want and need, what makes them tick? You might be surprised to learn that only 44% of B2B marketers use buyer personas. In fact, in my experience in the manufacturing and industrial space, while most companies have an idea, many have not developed a complete picture of their ideal customer.

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4 Keys to Lasting Change That Will Help Your Business Evolve

When you become aware of a problem in your business, it’s usually not long until you also realize it’s a symptom of a larger issue. If you decide to make some changes, it’s critical to look at the bigger picture: why you think change is warranted, what factors are behind how things are now, and what will happen if things stay the same over time. It’s complicated to disassemble and rebuild how you do things, and it might just feel easier to resign yourself to the status quo.

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Frictionless Sales and Marketing: An Operations Perspective

If you work in manufacturing or industry, you know operations management is a fundamental part of running a successful company. But you might not be aware that in the last 10 to 15 years, the concept has become important in marketing too. Just like in manufacturing, it’s all about keeping an eye on production and workflow from start to finish, making sure teams and tasks are coordinated to achieve optimal efficiency. Along the way, procedures might be tweaked based on KPIs, budgeting, and accounting data to stay responsive to clients and adapt to the needs of a specific campaign. And of course, one of the biggest goals is gaining visibility into projects to accurately measure (and hopefully improve) return on investment or ROI.

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Advantages of a CRM: A Fresh Perspective

As interns, we are considered the “fresh eyes” of the industry. So why is it, in school, the term CRM is glossed over? We hear it in our lectures. We know the meaning of the term. Customer Relationship Management. But what does that really mean? And why is it so important? They teach us that it is a common tool used in the sales and marketing industry. But what kind of tool, and what exactly does it fix? The vitality of such a platform and the processes that allow a business to follow a buyer’s journey may not always be apparent, and many companies may not be using their CRM to the best of their ability. The buyer’s journey is important, yes, but many people are not ready to take that journey and may only be “flirting” with the idea, shopping around as we say.

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Sales Enablement in Action: How the HubSpot Sales Hub Helps Me

You’ve probably heard of sales enablement, but you might wonder what it means exactly. I think of it this way: if you work in sales, any tools, processes, or systems you use to become more efficient and productive at your job are part of sales enablement. Another way to look at it, according to Forrester, is that sales enablement is: "a strategic, ongoing process that equips all client-facing employees with the ability to consistently and systematically have a valuable conversation with the right set of customer stakeholders at each stage of the customer’s problem-solving life cycle to optimize the return of investment of the selling system."

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