About Acadia

Acadia provides sales and marketing services to the manufacturing and industrial space. Founded and run by engineers, the Acadia team understands the manufacturing space. 

Engineers With Sales and Marketing Experience

After being founded over 20 years ago as a sales prospecting company, Acadia has had the opportunity to help hundreds of clients to grow their businesses. We offer custom-built sales and marketing programs incorporating the latest digital marketing and sales tactics. We pride ourselves on constantly learning and evolving to give our clients a competitive advantage over others in the manufacturing industry.

The most significant benefit we provide our clients is peace of mind. As marketers with engineering backgrounds, we deeply understand our technical, manufacturing, and industrial clients. Combine that with 20+ years of sales and marketing experience and 10+ years of practical engineering experience, and you can see the foundation for our client success. 

One thing we know for sure - our clients will ask a lot of detailed questions! They need to understand what is happening because they are technical thinkers. We get it, and we are ready to explain our process in as much detail as you would like. 


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About Marge Murphy

Marge is a degreed electrical engineer who began her career in the defense industry and transitioned into technical sales. 
She has spent over 20 years working in the B2B technical space, optimizing sales and marketing processes for both SMB and Fortune 500 companies.

As an engineer, she understands the complexities of the industry and the challenges surrounding business development. In addition, Marge is motivated by her partnership with clients and the excitement of delivering new business opportunities. In her spare time, she enjoys biking, hiking, reading, traveling, and spending time with her family.


About Mike Murphy

Mike is a degreed electrical engineer who spent the first 10+ years of his career as a plant engineer, project manager, and ultimately as an automation controls engineer, designing, building, and commissioning systems worldwide.

Recruited by one of his vendors, Rittal Corporation, Mike began his foray into marketing, eventually becoming their Director of Marketing for North America. Upon leaving Rittal, Mike served as the VP of Sales and Marketing for Circonix Technologies.

Over subsequent years, Mike’s career took him down the consultative sales route for manufacturing companies, eventually landing him where he is today, as a sales and marketing expert helping engineering, manufacturing, and technology companies with their business strategies.

FUN FACT: Mike was drafted out of Manhattan College in NY by the Cleveland Indians (now Guardians) as a pitcher in 1983, eventually making it as far as AAA and the 40-man roster. He played until 1988 when he retired and began his engineering career. If you ever want to talk baseball, Mike will be more than happy to dive right in.



Acadia Is...

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We find clever ways to overcome challenges since "one size doesn't fit all".

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We scrutinize data and probe problems, then engineer the right solution. 

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We walk side by side with clients and employees to provide direction, clarity and security.

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We are truthful and honest with both clients and employees and ensure it is reciprocated.

Our Reason for Serving the Manufacturing & Industrial Space

As engineers who eventually became technical sales and marketing professionals, Marge and Mike experienced firsthand the frustration of companies that are not measuring and tracking ROI from sales and marketing activities. 

However, as CRM and marketing software matured, so did the opportunity to solve a great deal of the mystery. In the early days of Salesforce and HubSpot, Mike and Marge embraced learning a variety of technologies and teaching their clients how they are used to track sales opportunities from infancy to close. Yet, many manufacturing and industrial businesses still aren’t using marketing and sales software to grow their revenue. 

We understand that industrial and manufacturing businesses differ from most B2B or B2C consumer businesses. The longer-than-average sales cycles can make it difficult to accurately predict revenue streams leading to stress and uncertainty with available cash flow. However, when properly implemented, marketing and sales processes can give businesses a competitive advantage and provide accurate forecasting for sales.

The ability to analyze data and drive strategy with technology solves the problem Marge and Mike saw so many years ago. Now, they want to help all of their clients to realize the potential of modern marketing, sales, and technology solutions to help grow their business with new leads and higher revenue.