Solving the Mystery of Sales & Marketing for Industrial Manufacturers 

We are engineers who work with B2B technical and industrial organizations to grow their business opportunities. We do this by assembling the right mix of digital solutions, branding activities, opportunity creation.  We analyze programs on a regular basis  to ensure success and optimize ROI.

We Develop Marketing Solutions For Manufacturers & Industrial Product Companies

Increasing Sales So You Can Focus On Production


Digital Marketing

We design a personalized digital marketing program based on where you are in your digital journey.  If you are new to digital marketing, or have extensive experience, we provide solutions and budgets to cater to your needs.
Part of any effective marketing strategy includes helping your ideal prospect find your products and services when they are in need. In addition, it requires engaging people in the early stages of their purchasing process and guiding them to you as the vendor of choice. 




Sales Enablement

Handing off qualified leads to sales is part of  the marketing process.  Defining a strategy and creating the tactics to execute delivery of leads is a necessary  agreement between sales and marketing.  This process is referred to as a Sales Level Agreement (SLA). It must be clean and clear  – like a baton handoff in a relay race.

We'll build a sales enablement process tailored for your team and ensure a smooth transition to closing the sales. 





Strategy & Technology Consulting

Knowing where you want to go and how to get there is the foundation of any journey. We'll use our experience to guide you in completing your roadmap, ensuring you arrive at your desired destination.


With this strategy in hand, we will map the course, identify the technology and systems you need, determine benchmarks, and then put the wheels in motion to get you there.





Acadia Understands Marketing For Manufacturing

Founded & Run By Engineers

As engineers, we understand your products, markets, and industries. Acadia, led by Marge and Mike Murphy, with over 30 years of experience in the engineering space stacked on top of 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. This combination eliminates any learning curve about what you do, or the type of clients you need to attract. We hit the ground running for our manufacturing and industrial clients.

Why Work With Us?

We Use Our Experience To Create Yours

We are engineers who worked in the manufacturing and technical industry before stepping into marketing and business development. As a result, we understand the frustration of getting caught up in production issues and sidetracked from focusing on business development. 

The ever-changing landscape in manufacturing includes long sales cycles, changes in offshoring, OEM changes, regulations, and certification requirements, all of this creates stops and starts that can disrupt your focus on new client acquisition. We understand how to help you stay the course and keep a consistent pipeline for today and tomorrow. Our plan will help you get to the point where more work isn't your focus, allowing you to optimize for more sustainable and higher-profit clients.

Our Clients


Acadia's Digital Marketing Process

Our clients see us as partners in their success, keeping them involved throughout the process, and reducing their workload so they can focus on running their business.

Group 9

Step 1: Strategize

This initial strategy meeting will allow us to understand your goals and define your ideal target audience. Then, equipped with the knowledge of your customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and marketing goals, we can develop a personalized marketing plan. During this first phase, we always keep in mind the overall goal of creating an actionable plan to generate quality leads that convert to revenue. 

Group 12

Step 2: Execute

Next, we'll begin to execute your personalized digital marketing plan. We'll bring your marketing strategies to life by setting up robust digital marketing systems such as a search-engine-optimized website, customer relationship management system (CRM), email automation, paid advertising, or content management systems (CMS). We'll monitor the results of our campaigns and make data-driven decisions designed to grow your audience. Then we'll work with you to nurture your leads toward becoming clients. 


Step 3: Growth

Consistent evaluation of data and metrics will provide the feedback to adjust our activities and draw upon what is working best. At this point, you'll see results as leads are flowing in, growing your revenue. We want your industrial manufacturing business to feel confident in these digital marketing systems and strategies, so we'll work with you to ensure you're satisfied. We will continue to adjust our marketing approach, evolving to fit the changing needs of your business. 

When Sales and Marketing Align, the Leads Roll In

We understand the complexity of the manufacturing and engineering sales process. Our digital marketing and sales CRM expertise enables you to attract the right customers at the right time. We assess your current strengths and weaknesses, then create custom sales and marketing processes to give you predictable revenue streams.


Our Approach

Discover How We Make A Difference With Your Company

Our onboarding process enables us to create a clear roadmap - a list of what you want - what you need - filtering all of those items by priority.  We begin by asking questions about what is and is not working. Then, we outline a phased plan to manage the budget and timing. It has to work for everyone involved to be successful. We become part of your team to guide your marketing and sales team members, keeping the process on track and productive. Once we are moving forward, we track metrics to ensure we are hitting the goals we set out and, if not, we identify ways to adjust. 

We have the tools available to us that private excel dashboards and reports to guide us to see results. We then continue to refine and increase engagements based on facts.


Check What Our Manufacturing Clients Say About Us



“No one likes to see and hear where they’re falling short, but we knew we had to own our sales process and commit to changes. Acadia provided unbiased guidance to help our entire sales team truly understand what we needed to do, and why, to stay efficient. The tools Acadia gave us create visibility into our sales operations and processes, which had been missing in the past. Now with reports and metrics based on live data from our CRM we can see the facts and make solid decisions. "


Craig Mitchell

President, Robroy Enclosures


“Acadia and Thomas have allowed me to reach customers I didn’t realize were out there and who did not know CA had valuable solutions for them. I appreciate having a partner in Acadia who took me step by step into the inbound process and gave me more time for consistent nurturing of prospects. It’s clear from talking with potential clients that they’re more informed about CA’s technology and are ready to have a deeper conversation earlier in the sales cycle. That’s where inbound has been so helpful for us.”


Scott Reeve

President, Composite Advantage

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