DISCOVER The Right CRM for You

Investing in a CRM is a huge decision. Most executives and managers realize the serious nature of this kind of investment, but not all realize that selecting a good or popular CRM will not necessarily give them the best system for their company’s needs. 

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Buying a CRM? Don't Go It Alone.

You want to increase sales, and you understand that strengthening and managing your professional relationships with customers is the key to your success. So, it's likely you're looking to adopt a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Adopting a software like this isn't as easy as flipping a switch.  It takes multiple steps and requires a detailed and organized process. At Acadia, having adopted several software applications for internal use, so we understand what goes into a change like this, and have become quite good at it.  Our advice: don't go it alone. 

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The Business of Sales

I am often approached by businesses that complain that their sales are not what they want them to be.
They feel that they have a good organization with good sales representatives. They are certainly interested in growing their business, but the sales aren't there. As I dig further into their concerns, I often discover that the challenge for them might be bigger than just selling. It may be The Business of Sales.

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4 Easy Steps to Demand Generation - Step 4: Measure, Rinse, Repeat

As we progressed down the first 3 steps of this journey of demand generation, we discussed the importance of striking the right balance for your specific business development needs, managing data and systems and ultimately creation of compelling content. In other words there is no prescription for demand generation. It is about processes, systems and execution. Sound's a lot like manufacturing, doesn't it? Being and electrical engineer myself, this concept appeals to me. No one should be telling you that a new website and inbound program is all you need. On the flip side, outbound calling or outbound marketing efforts may not be the only solution. Careful evaluation of your historical efforts, balanced with how the market is changing and how people look for you, is the mindset you should take, especially as you evaluate your next steps. It is highly recommended to solicit input from colleagues and professionals in the industry to help you understand what strategies and tactics are available.

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How to Survive a Data Migration

Data migration. Moving your data from one system to another. Sometimes it's just something we have to do. It's never fun, but there are ways to make it go smoothly, and ensure you don't lose anything in the process. We've worked with clients throughout their data migration processes and learned a few things. Let's walk through the steps.

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Industrial, Manufacturing and Technology Sectors Are Realizing These 3 Things

We're engineers. So, at Acadia, we love that our client base is mostly manufacturing, engineering, industrial and technical companies. For 17 years now, our primary reason for existence is and has been to generate new business leads and opportunities for those manufacturing, engineering, industrial and technical clients. Along the way, we've learned a thing or two. 

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6 Key Takeaways: HubSpot's Annual 'State of Inbound' Report

As you may know, HubSpot recently published their 7th annual State of Inbound report. They surveyed 3957 sales and marketing professionals from 150 countries and compiled their responses into meaningful, digestible, intuitive data narratives and graphics. Lucky us.

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5 Steps to a Smooth(er) Data Migration

Notice I didn’t say an "easy" migration?

Data migration isn’t something to be taken lightly. Let's stop here. What do I mean exactly by data migration? It's the process of moving data from one location to another. In some cases this may also involve combining two different databases or data sources into one. It can be a risky move but as we face constant technology improvement and changes, it’s something a lot of us face. Maybe your system isn’t generating the right data or reports, or maybe your company is moving on to bigger and better systems. That software you bought 10 years ago just isn’t what you need or want anymore. 

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CRM: Better Than Cake Pops?

We get it. CRM and CRM reports may not be the most exciting things since cake pops. But really – why invest your time, money and mental health on a system you aren’t using, or aren’t getting the most out of?

Companies are projected to spend $36 billion on CRM software by 2017, according to Gartner's Forecast: Enterprise Software Markets, Worldwide, 2012-2017, 2Q2013 Update. Another report, Current Trends in CRM Adoption and Customer Experience from Computer Economics, found that over 60% of professional or technical service companies are using some sort of CRM. It's everywhere! Yet, we hear from clients every day who say they aren't using their systems as much or as effectively as they could be.

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3 Amazing CRM Reports (and How to Use Them)

We've been blogging like crazy about CRM. Everything from prepping your data to exporting reports for your teams.

Anyone can write about CRM. But what's going on in real life? Is anyone really cleaning and segmenting their data, loading it into a CRM and creating useful reports to inform their business decisions? Turns out - yes!

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