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Santa's 3 Step Strategy For List Making

It’s that time of year and we are all making lists:

  • Holiday Cards
  • Party Invites
  • Gift lists
  • Grocery lists
  • Year end business wrap up lists
  • More lists

However, with all the lists we have, no one has lists longer and more detailed than Santa. I recently sat with him and asked him a few frank questions about how he manages his lists. You can read the transcript from our chat below...

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Who Is Your Best Customer? Call In The CIA.

At Acadia, every single day, we’re in the business of finding new customers for our clients. We call this lead generation.

But first, we begin with research, research, research! You can’t find a new customer until you know really who you’re looking for.  A good research strategy leads us to information, data and statistics that will help define who a good customer is. Because after all, you can’t go looking for diamonds if don’t have any idea what a diamond looks like.

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5 Steps to a Smooth(er) Data Migration

Notice I didn’t say an "easy" migration?

Data migration isn’t something to be taken lightly. Let's stop here. What do I mean exactly by data migration? It's the process of moving data from one location to another. In some cases this may also involve combining two different databases or data sources into one. It can be a risky move but as we face constant technology improvement and changes, it’s something a lot of us face. Maybe your system isn’t generating the right data or reports, or maybe your company is moving on to bigger and better systems. That software you bought 10 years ago just isn’t what you need or want anymore. 

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Refine and Rejoice: Celebrating Data

Yes, I said "celebrate data." It CAN happen!

My last blog discussed how you can create a smoother sales pipeline (aka sales forecast) by pulling the trigger on a CRM. As you'll recall, it is a process! Revisit our blog series to review this process in detail. Here's a quick recap: In order to step off the sales roller coaster (yes, you CAN do it!), you must create a smoother sales pipeline. To do this, follow these three important steps:

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Divide and Conquer: Segment that Data!

we know, a sales forecast can feel like a roller coaster ride. You can smooth out this ride with three simple steps:
  1. organize your data,
  2. segment your data, and
  3. create sales stages that match the way you go to market - thereby producing an accurate, meaningful sales pipeline.

My last blog addressed data organization: getting all of your data in one place (I highly recommend an Excel spreadsheet), cleaning it up and designating potential clients within your list.

This blog addresses the next critical step - grouping contacts in “like” categories. These categories will vary, depending on your organization’s needs. Potential segments include industry, geography, client status or even an internal rating. Or, a company may use all of the above!

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Santa’s List and Data Elves

Wow – here it is – mid December! Is your Christmas card list ready to go? Did you update Aunt Marge, who moved last July? Oh yeah, and Cousin Sue had a baby – what was that baby’s name? Are your gift mailing lists accurate? Your neighborhood cookie distribution list? I have lists upon lists! How about you? Keeping them all current is a huge job!

As I pondered this challenge, I decided to go to the List Guru – the King of all Lists – Yes – SANTA!

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