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by Acadia Lead Management Services on January 19, 2016


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TriComB2B, a national agency focused on business-to-business marketing of technical products and services, and Acadia Lead Management Services, a company specializing in database management, lead qualification, customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing software execution, announced today they have partnered to launch Omnibound, a demand generation platform for B2B markets.

Omnibound is based on strategic content marketing approaches using the right channels for customers’ markets. Content-driven marketing programs are integrated with lead capture and qualification processes built on a CRM and marketing automation backbone.

WATCH: TriComB2B, Acadia leaders discuss Omnibound demand generation platform — LINK (2 min.)

“The gap between marketing and sales has officially closed. Generating real, measurable demand and high-quality business opportunities is marketing’s purview,” said Marge Murphy, president and CEO, Acadia. “For years, we have assisted our clients with complex audience outreach and lead generation built on a strong foundation of data management and CRM execution. Entering into an alliance with a company well-known for its marketing strategy, content development and creative services is an absolute no-brainer. Combined, the two companies can execute result-focused content marketing programs from A to Z.”

The strategic alliance between the two companies centers on integrating the core strengths of each to assist clients in designing and implementing marketing programs that generate quantifiable demand for their products and services.

“Prescribed approaches to demand generation don’t work, but there are fundamental aspects of B2B demand generation that are universal if you want to be successful,” said Chris Eifert, principal, TriComB2B. “Great content and creative approaches to delivering that content are at the top of the list. But without a strong data and technology underpinning that provides a clear view of lead capture, engagement and qualification, it’s impossible for marketing executives to demonstrate the value they’re delivering. The Omnibound platform leverages the strengths of TriComB2B and Acadia to pull it all together. Our programs will provide the B2B strategic insights you can’t find from the platform providers and the CRM and marketing technology prowess missing in most agencies.”

The two companies are long-time partners, having worked together on numerous business intelligence, list building and lead qualification initiatives. Each company shares a similar focus on business-to-business enterprises, with specific expertise in industrial and technical markets. As part of the alliance, the companies will also engage in a continuous exchange of personnel between their Dayton-area offices.

“We know each other, share the same business ethos, and we aren’t shy about our passion for the B2B space,” said Murphy. “These internal synergies make it easy for us to execute seamlessly for our customers.”


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