Follow Up the 2014 Way!

This time last year, I was staring at a spreadsheet. Fun, right?

The spreadsheet contained leads we’d just acquired from the 2013 AMTS (Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show) in Dayton, Ohio. Acadia DOES lead generation and lead nurturing (among other things), so we know just how valuable every lead can be. Last year, I blogged on the importance of following up with all of your tradeshow leads. It can be time-consuming and frustrating!

Speaking of which, I now find myself staring at yet another spreadsheet. This one holds our 2014 AMTS leads. This one got me thinking. We DID generate revenue from last year’s AMTS leads, and will initiate similar follow-up this year (again, see my blog). This is a good thing! But what about the leads from last year that haven’t converted yet? That were interested, curious or just not ready to move forward with our products and services? They’re still valuable!

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Follow Up with Me…PLEASE: Don't Waste Trade Show Leads!

Picture this: you’ve just returned from a trade show (as I just did). You spend three to five days at the show, total, between setup and booth duty, and you invest valuable time harvesting leads and opportunities. Your company has made a significant investment just having a presence at the show. Acquiring a trade show lead is not an inexpensive proposition!

You’d think these leads would be top priority for the overall organization and sales team. If you consider the expenses involved in buying booth space, paying trades, bringing booth staff to the convention center, and entertainment and travel expenses, a trade show lead should be as valuable as gold to any organization that makes the commitment. However – the opposite is true! Did you know that 20% or less of trade show leads get the attention they should? In the spirit of the season and the Peanuts-Great Pumpkin episode…AAUGH! Think of that missed sales opportunity as the elusive football Charlie Brown so desperately wanted to kick. (OK, I’m showing my age.)

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown and Lucy, Characters of Charles M. Schulz

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