4 Easy Steps to Demand Generation - Step 4: Measure, Rinse, Repeat

As we progressed down the first 3 steps of this journey of demand generation, we discussed the importance of striking the right balance for your specific business development needs, managing data and systems and ultimately creation of compelling content. In other words there is no prescription for demand generation. It is about processes, systems and execution. Sound's a lot like manufacturing, doesn't it? Being and electrical engineer myself, this concept appeals to me. No one should be telling you that a new website and inbound program is all you need. On the flip side, outbound calling or outbound marketing efforts may not be the only solution. Careful evaluation of your historical efforts, balanced with how the market is changing and how people look for you, is the mindset you should take, especially as you evaluate your next steps. It is highly recommended to solicit input from colleagues and professionals in the industry to help you understand what strategies and tactics are available.

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5 Cold Calling Tips to Ease Your Anxiety

Originally published at http://revenue365.com/cold-calling-tips-ease-anxiety.

Even with all of the technology available at our fingertips (think marketing and salesforce automation, content marketing, lead nurturing...and the list goes on), in the B2B space we still have to pick up the phone!

No matter how much training you get, that anxiety can still come when you need to start your sales calls. You start thinking about how you’re not meeting your goal, how it reflects poorly on you, your team, and your manager, and you start to get this knot inside your chest.

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Revenue Performance Management: Repeat and Scale!

In our recent blogs, we’ve been working our way around the 9 steps of the Revenue Performance Management cycle. Well, here we are, at the end of the journey, steps 8 and 9: REPEAT and SCALE. Seems logical, doesn’t it? If it works, repeat it and scale it up!

Actually, you aren’t done. In order to REPEAT a success, you have to first understand and document it!

Start by speaking to your staff and clients, and regularly! Find out what is contributing to your successes, and what isn’t. Ditch whatever isn’t – don’t repeat unsuccessful tactics or strategies.

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RPM: 4 Reasons You Aren’t Optimizing (But Think You Are)

Your RPM (Revenue Performance Management) cycle drives your business – it’s your engine! You’re taking a stranger and, with care, turning them into a paying customer. Improving your RPM cycle is the way to streamline your business and increase sales!

Naturally, optimizing this nine-step cycle is a key to success. But let’s stop here. What are we even talking about?

OPTMIZATION is defined by the handy Oxford Dictionary as “Making the best or most effective use of a situation, opportunity, or resource.” In this case, we’re talking about reviewing our revenue performance management work so far, and making it better. This logically follows the step we covered in our last blog – measurement! Now that we have the numbers (closing rate, conversion rate, deals per rep, etc.), we can see where we fall short and make improvements.

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Revenue Performance Management: Measure What Matters!

You know the drill. Marketing brings in the leads, and sales says they’re junk (especially if they miss a goal). Marketing then turns around and complains that sales can’t close the amazing leads coming through the door. It’s a timeless business challenge we’ve all probably experienced but most certainly need to overcome!

Metrics can help.

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Revenue Performance Management: Time for Onboarding!

In our last blog, we discussed how to acquire customers - and how to help those customers best understand how our products and services fit their needs. When we do acquire a customer, we inevitably enter a honeymoon phase. It’s a wonderful time because our client trusts us, sees the value of our products or service, has high expectations and is excited to be working with us!

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Revenue Performance Management: Finding and Delighting Your Ideal Clients in the B2B Space

In a previous blog, we discussed why you should define your ideal client/prospect – and how to do it! We called this creating your buyer persona(s). Have you described your ideal (or best) clients and written up their professional and personal characteristics? Great! Now you’re ready to delight them with compelling content, i.e., present your company to your ideal buyers as a trusted expert within your market space.

Let's pretend you work for a B2B company that supplies specialty metal alloys. Your buyer personas include Engineer Ernie, a project manager who works at a medium-sized manufacturing company in the Midwest, and Buyer Barney, a specialty metal alloy buyer at the same company. How do we reach the Engineer Ernies and Buyer Barneys of the world? In the old days, we might “smile and dial.” In today’s world, we all know hard that is: Dozens of voicemails, gatekeepers and hang-ups might produce one good conversation. Not to mention you’d have to FIND these prospects yourself. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time speaking with prospects that have already shown an interest in you? Read on!

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Revenue Performance Management: Define Your Ideal Client and Find Them

In a previous blog, I highlighted the 9 steps of Revenue Performance Management.

Let’s look closer at step 1: FIND. You must find or get found by prospects! But first you must define the leads or prospects you will target!

What? Let’s back up. A prospect has, thanks to the internet, instant access to all the information they need to qualify a vendor without ever making direct contact. In other words, the buyer is in complete control of the early stages of the buying cycle. According to SiriusDecisions, 67% of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally.

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Revenue Performance Management: 9 Steps to Increased Sales Revenue

Congratulations! You’re running a business! It’s a lot to think about, isn’t it? Let’s talk about one thing that’s probably on your mind - the health of your business. In other words - how’s your business running?

So – how would you determine the health of your business? Remember, your future is at stake and your employees are counting on you! Would you use guesses, feelings, emotions or subjective opinions? NO! If you underestimate the cost of the production of a widget, then go on to make thousands of widgets, you’re not going to be happy with your profit and loss statement at the end of the quarter!

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