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Defining Your Sales Cycle

14 April 2021- 3 min read
If your sales department feels like it’s on a constant roller coaster with ups and downs, twists and turns, and an unpre...
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Getting Sales to Engage with Marketing in the age of Inbound Marketing

07 April 2021- 3 min read
We’ve written previously about the disconnect between marketing and sales. Here, from a sales perspective, we’ll look at...
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Sales and Marketing: Fix the Disconnect

31 March 2021- 4 min read
The dynamic between sales and marketing activities has taken a vast jump as a result of the expansion of internet and di...
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6 Advantages of CRMs for Industrial Sales and Marketing

23 March 2021- 3 min read
As an industrial manufacturer, you have many moving parts to oversee (see what I did there?). A Customer Relationship Ma...
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Revenue Performance Management: Capturing and Tracking Those Leads!

08 October 2020- 4 min read
Previously, we delved into defining buyer personas (ideal contacts who may potentially buy from you) and using the right...
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Revenue Performance Management: Acquire That Customer!

05 October 2020- 2 min read
Previously, we discussed: Finding the best targets for your solutions or products (your sales personas) Developing conte...
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Revenue Performance Management: Time for Onboarding!

16 September 2020- 1 min read
Previously, we discussed how to acquire customers - and how to help those customers see how your products and services f...
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Inside Sales, Outside Sales, or In Between? Two sales models in flux.

10 September 2020- 4 min read
Sales work falls into two big categories: inside sales and outside sales. As the name implies, inside sales is based in ...
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