Revenue Performance Management: Get Tracking!

Margery Murphy by Margery Murphy on July 17, 2014
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Hopefully, you saw my last post on the importance of CAPTURING details about your sales prospects, i.e.,  contacts. So far, so good – we have a snapshot of your interactions with each contact from day one. We have CAPTURED basic contact information – but we aren’t done yet! Now comes the complicated part – keep TRACKING these interactions! It's also the fun part, as we paint a picture of a potential opportunity!

So - back to Engineer Ernie. He’s just revisited our website – we see that we "know" him, as we captured him on his last visit. He is now looking for more technical information about a different product, and he even viewed another of our services! He has diversified his interests and we need to capture the evidence of this. We begin to build out Ernie’s profile and can, accordingly, provide him with what he needs – the right information at the right time!

The more data points we collect about each contact, the clearer our picture becomes. Think about all the data your credit card company tracks. They track every purchase and can anticipate your buying habits. We make it easy for them to track us by using a little plastic device - our credit card. In the B2B world, we have no plastic devices (yet!). So - we need to savor every piece of intelligence we gather - and track it like it's gold! A good marketing automation tool (MAT) makes this possible, but it’s not the end of tracking - it is only half the job!

memblogtrackimageWhat we need to do now is take the data we tracked using our MAT and roll it into our salesforce automation tool (SFA) – you now have the potential to very strongly impact your success. Sales reps that track customer engagements post-sales call are able to gather yet more, and very specific, data points! This then gives us content on customer attitude and behavior. Companies that implement best-in-class sales processes are the same companies that are tracking customer engagements post-sales call and are using this data to further generate high quality, targeted messages.

Tracking is vital to success and both marketing and sales must be on the same page. Both departments should be communicating using data points and information to continue fine tuning the audience. This then further refines the process of capturing the right targets and makes the tracking that much more effective! It is a self-sustainable process if done with attention to detail and enthusiasm about the HUNT!


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