Three Reasons To Celebrate: New Website, New Brand, New Home

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by Acadia Lead Management Services on August 30, 2017

Website-Logo.pngAcadia Lead Management Services has been busy this summer. Presented with a "good" problem: company growth, the business outgrew their space in Kettering, Ohio.  And after a couple of years of honing their offering, it was time for a new image and a new website, too.  Coordinating all of those efforts this summer was no small feat. Acadia's president, Marge Murphy, is happy to announce their new home, new brand and new website.

Marge often gets asked why she picked the name Acadia.  There's a pretty simple answer and she states without hesitation, "Who I am and what I love are so intertwined." Marge and her husband, Mike Murphy, who is the business development director at Acadia, are native New Yorkers and spend time each year at Acadia National Park in Maine, a place where they their built their relationship and near where they hope to retire.

Acadia started literally in their garage.  Marge assembled a team and worked with more and more companies that needed help growing their businesses. As an engineer, she recognized industrial business owners needed help from people who knew their line of work. Over time it became clear that a company was forming and Marge became an "accidental business owner". Coming up with a name was the easiest part of the transition from sole proprietor to business owner. The word "Acadia" represents growth, organic and unlimited. It represents peace, a feeling that one is in the right space.  "We knew Acadia the company would help us get to Acadia the retirement," jokes Mike. "That has always been our vision." 

Twenty years later, Acadia is still growing and providing clients with high-value sales opportunities, so much so that the company outgrew their office space in Kettering, Ohio.  In early August, operations moved to 130 West 2nd St in downtown Dayton, Ohio.

"The new view and the new vision of our company made it the perfect time to redesign our website and branding, too," said Marge. So, today Acadia is officially launching their new website. There you will find how they are helping businesses in the industrial and technological space grow by finding high-value sales opportunities through their proven Omnibound®  approach. The Acadia team utilizes the best of both inbound and outbound sales and marketing techniques tailored to the unique needs of each client.

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Acadia News


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