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by Mike Murphy on November 4, 2014

This time last year, I was staring at a spreadsheet. Fun, right?

The spreadsheet contained leads we’d just acquired from the 2013 AMTS (Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show) in Dayton, Ohio. Acadia DOES lead generation and lead nurturing (among other things), so we know just how valuable every lead can be. Last year, I blogged on the importance of following up with all of your tradeshow leads. It can be time-consuming and frustrating!


Speaking of which, I now find myself staring at yet another spreadsheet. This one holds our 2014 AMTS leads. This one got me thinking. We DID generate revenue from last year’s AMTS leads, and will initiate similar follow-up this year (again, see my blog). This is a good thing! But what about the leads from last year that haven’t converted yet? That were interested, curious or just not ready to move forward with our products and services? They’re still valuable!

Sadly, these ‘not yet ready’ prospects are often forgotten. They drop off the traditional sales cycle radar, their lead value diminishes and they forget you.

Guess what - that doesn’t have to happen! You can maintain a long-term, high level of engagement until the prospect is ready to raise their hand. The key is a consistent inbound or content marketing program that delivers relevant content and information, not just to your specific lead, but to all of your prospects!

As I stated, not everyone is ready NOW. Take Dave, the guy you had a great conversation with at the tradeshow last week. He was just starting his journey as a buyer but is very interested in your product. Why not continue that conversation digitally with compelling tips, blogs, newsletters, ebooks, videos and relevant industry insight? You’ll hit all things that Dave is interested in AND you’ll be the messenger! Dave now views you and your company as experts! Thought leaders! By using content marketing across every platform, you can remain in Dave’s mind. (And you aren't just delighting Dave - anyone doing an internet search may come across your content.) When he’s ready to move forward with your product, there’s a good chance Dave will contact your company!

Your content marketing dramatically increased these chances. We see it in our business every single day when our emails, blogs, social media posts, videos and CTAs (calls-to-action) generate activity. I love nothing more than getting an email or a phone call with the message, “Hi Mike, I just viewed your newest video and it reminded me to give you a call….I have a project I would like to discuss.”

So - if you aren’t taking advantage of all the tools available to you to grow and nurture your opportunities, now is the time!

Going into 2015, seriously consider implementing some level of content marketing. You can even start with a small, quarterly program that consists of an e-book, video or demo that will knock the socks off your client base. Promote your stellar content with email and social media. And don’t forget that blog! A consistent, informative, readable blog goes a long way! You’ll be providing relevant information that’s available 24/7. It will compel prospects like Dave to follow, and maybe even eagerly await, your next post!

We see great successes when our clients take the initiative and delve into any sort of content marketing. Don’t underestimate the value of communicating using all of the channels your prospect base relies on.

So, in short, we’re still nurturing our 2013 tradeshow opportunities using content marketing. And now – I’d better get on those 2014 leads!


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