4 Reasons Your Website Needs to Go Mobile

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by Jessica McCann on May 6, 2015

Your website is amazing, I realize that. But the times – they’re a changing.

To keep your wonderful viewers and stay at the top of that search results page, you need to go mobile. Here’s why.

  1. Get found. You may have heard that on April 21, 2015, Google updated the way they rank websites in their search results. Mobile-friendly websites are now favored over non mobile-friendly sites. Imagine that your website and your #1 competitor's websites are exactly the same - except that your's isn't mobile-friendly. When a prospect types your main product or service into Google, your competitor's site will show up before yours. Important? Yes. According to Google, half of all buyers use a search engine to start their journey. Since we're all guilty of only reading those first few search results, your company needs to be listed as close to those first few results as possible! iphone-410316_1280
  2. Grow. According, to comScore, "smartphone usage is up 394 percent, and tablet usage is up a whopping 1,721 percent as these platforms now combine to account for 60 percent of digital media time spent." As the percentage of mobile users grows, and many users eschew desktop internet access entirely, you need to stay relevant!
  3. Impress. So, 2/3 of us have smartphones (PewResearch). More importantly, Forbes found that 70% of executives use mobile devices to research your product or services, and 33% use their devices when making purchase decisions. Do you want these buyers to find your site, ready to make a purchase, only to have to do the dreaded pinch and resize (and probably take off)? NO! 
  4. It's easier than you think. In the dark ages of mobile, you needed two sites - a mobile site and your standard desktop site. Now, there are smart content management or marketing automation systems (we use HubSpot) that can detect your user's device and size your webpages, menus, graphics and fonts accordingly! There's no reason NOT to do this.

Are you mobilized? Not sure? Contact us for a free assessment today!


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