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5 Steps to a Smooth(er) Data Migration

Notice I didn’t say an "easy" migration?

Data migration isn’t something to be taken lightly. Let's stop here. What do I mean exactly by data migration? It's the process of moving data from one location to another. In some cases this may also involve combining two different databases or data sources into one. It can be a risky move but as we face constant technology improvement and changes, it’s something a lot of us face. Maybe your system isn’t generating the right data or reports, or maybe your company is moving on to bigger and better systems. That software you bought 10 years ago just isn’t what you need or want anymore. 

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How to Find the Perfect Intern(ship)

It’s that time of year again. Classes have started (for students like me) and the career fair is upon us. Some of us skip the career fair because a) we're only freshman or sophomores - why bother? b) we have classes during the fair c) we're too busy with classes and jobs or d) we don’t even know what or when it is. But take it from this intern: The career fair can be one of the most rewarding events of the college experience. As a senior at Wright State University, I've learned that attending that career fair is not only good for getting your name out there and practicing your marketability, but also for meeting other students in the same field. Today, getting a job has a lot to do with networking and who you know.

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