Constructing a Winning Blueprint: Analyzing and Tracking Your Marketing Efforts

If you're a manufacturer, you know that going from blueprint to delivery requires a very customized, repeatable process. Yours probably includes highly-skilled team members, technology, procedures and more. And that's how sales and marketing should work as well. There's a special sales/marketing combination that works best for each manufacturer - it isn't one size fits all. You may have the most success with trade shows, or email or phone calls - it's most likely however that you need the right blend of all of the above (and more). And like many manufacturers, you may not yet know what that special blend is.

To address the sales and marketing challenges manufacturers face, Acadia collaborated with 22 other HubSpot partners on the just-released ebook, Constructing a Winning Blueprint for 2017. It's geared toward helping you, the manufacturer, overcome your biggest marketing and sales challenges, including finding what works best for you. The section below focuses on analyzing and tracking marketing efforts. Not quite there yet? Download the full ebook for help getting started. Chapters include:

  • Prospects Can't Find You if You Don't Market to Them
  • Prioritizing Investments: Technology vs Sales vs Marketing
  • How to Remain Competitive in an Increasingly Smaller World

Now, back to analyzing and tracking...

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How To Survive Vacation Season

It’s July in marketing. You’re either on vacation, madly prepping for vacation, or coming out of post-vacation fog. Your office is quiet as others are doing the same. Clients are AWOL too, yet you still need to keep up with their accounts. How does one get anything done during the summer months? Here are a few of the things that have my 20+ years of vacationing running smoother.

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5 Things I've Learned in Manufacturing Marketing

Generally, someone who's not in the marketing field views marketing as the pretty visuals, videos and advertisments that make you want to buy things.
They're not technically wrong but those who are in marketing know there's more to it than making things look nice. In my opinion, one of the more difficult sub-categories of marketing is manufacturing marketing. I only say this because as a marketer in manufacturing, you're making machines, civil structures, or technical products sound exciting. Not so easy.

When I joined Acadia, I was new to the industry, so I thought I'd take this time to reflect on the most important things I've come to learn over the last few years in the riviting and glamorous field of manufacturing marketing. 

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5 Simple Steps to Determine Your Market Size

Don't we all want the entire pie for ourselves? Of course that comes with ramifications, mostly around the waistline. In business, we all want a little more of the available pie. Who among us has all the pie (or market) that you want for your business? If you're saying "Me!," then you most likely have a lifestyle business. In short:

A lifestyle business is one that has been set up or has become a business that allows the owner(s) the ability to maintain a certain level of lifestyle they are comfortable with and have been accustomed to. There really is no desire to grow beyond that level of business.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with a lifestyle business, but what if you do want to grow and get more of that pie? If we imagine the markets we serve as a whole pie, very few of us have the market share represented in the picture. More often than not, what we do have would barely be considered a full serving of dessert. The real dilemma is, how much pie is actually available in your market space?

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The #1 Excuse Why Your Manufacturing Business Won't Grow This Year

I'm not going to give you a top 10 list. I'm just going to cut to the chase. Every 4 years I hear the same thing, the same phrase, and in my opinion, the same excuse. Well, it's happening again. "I'm going to hold/cutback on any sales and marketing spending until we see how the election turns out."  Let me ask you, how well has that strategy worked in the past? The economic winds don't change on a dime and for most small businesses we can control our future if we choose to do so. BUT, it is a state of mind. We primarily work with small businesses in the manufacturing, technology and technical space. As small businesses, we can control our destiny, but first let me remind you of a few interesting stats from the National Association of Manufacturers (

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10 Tips For Successful Spring Trade Shows

It's spring trade show time! I just returned from one and was just reminded that they aren't cheap. Let's focus on how to get the most out of our (often substantial) trade show investments.

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How to Find the Perfect Intern(ship)

It’s that time of year again. Classes have started (for students like me) and the career fair is upon us. Some of us skip the career fair because a) we're only freshman or sophomores - why bother? b) we have classes during the fair c) we're too busy with classes and jobs or d) we don’t even know what or when it is. But take it from this intern: The career fair can be one of the most rewarding events of the college experience. As a senior at Wright State University, I've learned that attending that career fair is not only good for getting your name out there and practicing your marketability, but also for meeting other students in the same field. Today, getting a job has a lot to do with networking and who you know.

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Serenity Now: Inbound, Outbound, Campbound

Forget about CRM, sales pipelines and even cake pops. Let's talk summer. You know - our children's vacation - the one that lasts about three months. The one us working parents strive to fill with fun while keeping one foot in the office door.

Since staying home watching your mom work isn't the coolest way for an eight-year old to spend his summer, we sprung for a 12-day summer camp. Six hours away. This marketing mom gets time to work, kid gets to run wild in the woods. Sounds like a plan!

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Inbound and Outbound Relationship Counseling


Recently, Marge wrote about the marriage between inbound and outbound marketing and the relationship which they share. So we know these two can co-exist but, in reality, do they always function well together?

Sometimes inbound and outbound need to go to “couples therapy” and seek counseling. As we all know, there can certainly be areas of disconnect between sales and marketing. With outbound and inbound efforts taking place simultaneously, this gap can actually be worsened unless rules of engagement are put in place on how to manage the newly generated opportunities. The same areas which might need improvement in any relationship might apply to our marketing marriage.                                                                          

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RPM: 4 Reasons You Aren’t Optimizing (But Think You Are)

Your RPM (Revenue Performance Management) cycle drives your business – it’s your engine! You’re taking a stranger and, with care, turning them into a paying customer. Improving your RPM cycle is the way to streamline your business and increase sales!

Naturally, optimizing this nine-step cycle is a key to success. But let’s stop here. What are we even talking about?

OPTMIZATION is defined by the handy Oxford Dictionary as “Making the best or most effective use of a situation, opportunity, or resource.” In this case, we’re talking about reviewing our revenue performance management work so far, and making it better. This logically follows the step we covered in our last blog – measurement! Now that we have the numbers (closing rate, conversion rate, deals per rep, etc.), we can see where we fall short and make improvements.

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