Staying Fit For Sales!


by Margery Murphy on June 17, 2013

As most of us know, a healthy, fit lifestyle leads to more energy, focus and productivity. When you are trying to grow your business within this challenging economy, the more productive and focused you are, the greater your possibilities for success. Now, with all that said, let me share a little something that I do regularly to help me in my efforts. ‘Exercising at work.’ No, I’m not talking about morning calisthenics or a boot camp, but walking while you work.

I have come to realize that I think better, and tend to be more upbeat and motivated, when I am moving. We all know that when you exercise, your body releases endorphins, chemicals that give you that “feel good” feeling. Exercise also circulates more blood and oxygen through your brain. It makes sense that walking, or any other type of exercise, is good for you and your thought process. There you go!Walking Desk

Staying fit at work on your Walking Desk!

So – I decided I needed to walk more at work. I invested in a Walking Desk, and it is the best investment I’ve ever made in office furnishings! On any given day, I set my desk to a nice slow pace of 1.5 – 2.0 MPH and walk thru conference calls, email exchanges and even sales presentations. I feel more focused and upbeat. This comes across in my responses, tone and ability to solve problems. I feel ENERGIZED as opposed to DRAINED. In addition, I get in a 5 – 7 mile walk! Let’s face it – we have to keep our minds and bodies healthy – and busy business people have little time to spare so we must all be as efficient as possible. Call me the Queen of multitasking – but this has been a game changer indeed – better cognitive skills and a better waistline!

-Margery Murphy, CEO -- Acadia Lead Management Services


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