Happy 2016! Make Your Value Known!

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by Alan Beck on January 8, 2016

Are YOUR clients aware of how much YOU do? When the Acadia team talks with our clients, we like to make sure they're aware of the value we bring to their organization. Too often, we might be thought of as "just the people that make calls," but Acadia benefits them in other ways as well. For example, sometimes larger companies with sizable sales teams find it difficult to see how we can help, especially with demand generation. We tell them the truth - no doubt, their sales team does a bang up job identifying and closing big deals. However, it takes a lot of work to uncover, nurture and close a small opportunity. That's where we come in, and we try to convey this message. Are you finding your niche and conveying your message? 


We've worked on campaigns where we follow up with trade show or event (e.g., webinar) attendees. Most of the time, we receive a contact list that the sales team has already picked over. The low hanging fruit's been removed and sales is now working on closing those deals. What's left for us? Opportunities that seemed like long shots and would require lots of cold calling. Once again, enter Acadia.  We help companies find the lost revenue their sales teams may either ignore or not have time to pursue. We dial for hours and hours, assisting the sales reps by taking some of the load of their backs. Our clients know and appreciate this because every lead that we generate represents a bit of revenue that they now have an opportunity to go out and get.  That represents a lot of value and we work hard to make that known.

Some clients don't have an internal sales team, but they know they want and need to grow their business. They might have nowhere to start. One client came to us recently as an engineer and company owner. They had growth goals but not a lot of prospecting experience (or time to do it). We stepped in. Thanks to our efforts, they've written several quotes and, more importantly, recently closed a 100K deal.  They're presently working on a deal that's potentially worth more than a million dollars. Think they see the value that Acadia brings to the organization? They do. 

So, as we get 2016 going, remember that not all clients may fully realize the value you provide, whatever type of business you are. Go ahead and remind them of that. And have a happy new year!


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