Susan Gnann

Susan is our slack-picker-upper extraordinaire. Assertive, while also amiable and sincere, there’s never a minute that goes by that Susan isn’t making a difference. She works in a variety of ways to support different clients from basic account management, content strategy and writing, process documentation, the list goes on. With an industrial engineering background combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, Susan is a force to be reckoned with. Susan thrives best when she can see how her actions impact a larger plan, especially God’s plan and is inspired by those who are unapologetically genuinely themselves. Outside of work, her many passions include her faith, her family, including her husband of fifteen years and their two awesome sons, her friends, and definitely tennis.
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If you'd asked me four months about my knowledge of industrial website design, I most likely wouldn't have had much to say.  I had experience in B2C web design, and I thought that it would be similar, but I realized quickly that B2B websites were an entirely different breed. Here I've put together 8 tips I learned from designing Acadia's new website and what you can do to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

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