Internships at Acadia

Gain practical experience at Acadia. Work hands on with clients on day one. Learn the ins and outs of sales and marketing. 

About Acadia

Perks of Working at Acadia

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Competitive Pay

We understand to get the best, you need to pay for it. We offer market-driven compensation and semi-flexible hours.

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Casual Environment

Dress for your day and participate in group activities! At Acadia, we play hard and work harder.

Plus, we know you have Summer Friday plans, we do too. We stop working at 1pm to make sure you make it right on time!

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Find What You Like

Marketing is fast paced. At Acadia, you will be exposed to multiple areas so that you are able to find what you are best suited for.  

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Every Voice is Heard

because we believe in hiring top-notch people, we incorporate you into important projects from day one. 

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    Our open-air office space is in downtown Dayton, Ohio in the “130 Building”. Our forward-thinking space was recognized as an honoree of Dayton’s Best Places to Work Award in 2019!


    No current openings at this time. 


    Frequently Asked Questions

    "What kind of dress code do you have at Acadia?"

    We have a business casual dress code. 

    "Where do I park?"

    We park in the city of Dayton garage behind our building at 123 W. Third St.

    "What are some perks from working at Acadia?"

    • Summer Fridays from Memorial Day to Labor Day

    • Trivia Tuesdays at Courthouse Square

    • Company potlucks/parties

    • Paid downtown parking

    "If I were a  new full-time employee, what sort of benefits can I expect?"

    Acadia offers a wide variety of benefits for full-time employees including, health insurance, HSA account, and simple IRA.

    "If I were a new full-time employee, when are my benefits activated?"

    Benefits are activated after 90 days of completed employment.

    "What kind of work-space is Acadia"

    Acadia's office is a nice, professional work-space with an abundance of natural light and open space.


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