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You have a a sales and marketing plan, but it just doesn't get executed.

This is a common challenge for many organizations.  It is not a lack of desire, but can be a lack of focus.  f the connections and handoffs between people and technology are not clearly defined within a process, issues can and will arise. Think about a manufacturing process, if you don’t define when a worker needs to add something to the line, parts can be missed creating inefficiencies and incomplete parts. 


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Your sales and marketing process is no different.

If you don’t define when and how people interface with your technology and each other, you will have leads that are not fully qualified and ready to buy when they reach your sales team, and that is assuming they make it to your sales team at all.  


Two creative millenial small business owners working on social media strategy brainstorming using adhesive notes in windowsWhen you define the intersection of people, process, and technology within your sales and marketing teams, you will see company growth.  Marketing will have all the knowledge they need to communicate the benefits and features of your products or services. Sales will have the tools they need to consistent follow up and stay top of mind with engaged prospects.  The handoff point of a lead from sales to marketing is clearly defined. All information gathered from both sales and marketing is tracked in your tools. And processes are documented for easy onboarding of new employees, or even for just the week when a vital employee takes a vacation and someone else needs to step into a role temporarily.  And you can see metrics that drive strategic initiatives for the future of your company.



Sounds complicated, right? 

Check out this interactive graphic that pulls together the key elements in this process: 

People Icon


The right people in the right
seats doing the right job. 

These may include:

 - Management  

- C-suite  

- Marketing team  

- Sales team  

Process Icon


Sales and marketing  activities driven
by a repeatable and scalable process.

These may include:

 - Capturing communication with prospects

- Sales enablement  

- Marketing  

- Data management

- Pipeline forecasting

Technology Icon


Technology and  automations
that tie it all together.

These may include:

- CRM  

- Marketing automation  

- Databases  

- Analytics

- Design software 



Do you have all of these elements?

Do you know what all these elements are and what they could do for your business?  Are all the people involved aware of all the processes and technology involved? If your answer is no to one of these questions, consider why and if that needs to change.  


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We Understand the Value in Each Opportunity That Comes Your Way.

Many of our customers have experienced slow periods in their business. Just like poor alignment of your machinery can cause unwanted variation in your output, poor alignment of your sales and marketing teams can result in missed opportunities. 

Want to learn our process for aligning teams?


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Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures

“Acadia gave us the tools we needed to help our sales force focus on building relationships with potential customers."



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Force Design

“Being able to outsource your sales, marketing and critical business development work gave us the comfort of knowing it is getting done correctly and on time."

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Robroy Industries

"[Acadia was] able to develop a sales enablement process and playbook that takes into account a very complex sales cycle.  This new process has uncovered opportunities that would have been lost to the competition."

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"Acadia is a full-service organization and does what they promise. Working with Acadia was always a collaboration, and I would highly recommend them to others. There is not anything to worry about or watch out for."

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