Set the Stage in Your Forecast

My last several blogs have been about smoothing out the ups and downs of that sales roller coaster, and creating something that brings you peace of mind.

To recap, there are three primary elements in creating a smooth sales pipeline (also called a sales forecast). Number one: good data. Number two: market segmentation. And number three: developing sales stages. 

This blog focuses on element three - sales stages, aka where the rubber meets the road. How do people buy from you? What are the stages they go through during the buying process? What do you need to know to help them?

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Divide and Conquer: Segment that Data!

As we know, a sales forecast can feel like a roller coaster ride. You can smooth out this ride with three simple steps:

  1. organize your data,
  2. segment your data, and
  3. create sales stages that match the way you go to market - thereby producing an accurate, meaningful sales pipeline.

My last blog addressed data organization: getting all of your data in one place (I highly recommend an Excel spreadsheet), cleaning it up and designating potential clients within your list.

This blog addresses the next critical step - grouping contacts in “like” categories. These categories will vary, depending on your organization’s needs. Potential segments include industry, geography, client status or even an internal rating. Or, a company may use all of the above!

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