8 Steps to Data Visualization

I’ve recently been listening to a podcast series by Dave Austin. Dave is a mental performance coach who stresses the importance of narrowing down thoughts and getting “in the zone”– visualizing success, and being so focused that nothing in the world can stop you from getting the job done.   

All of this talk of visualization began to translate into reality as I sat in a meeting two weeks ago. In this meeting, we discussed a spreadsheet with data related to sales opportunities and the quote process. As I looked at all of the tabs and summary sheets, littered with several rows and columns of data, I asked, “What is it that you’re tracking and why?”

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How to Survive a Data Migration

Data migration. Moving your data from one system to another. Sometimes it's just something we have to do. It's never fun, but there are ways to make it go smoothly, and ensure you don't lose anything in the process. We've worked with clients throughout their data migration processes and learned a few things. Let's walk through the steps.

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Who Is Your Best Customer? Call In The CIA.

At Acadia, every single day, we’re in the business of finding new customers for our clients. We call this lead generation.

But first, we begin with research, research, research! You can’t find a new customer until you know really who you’re looking for.  A good research strategy leads us to information, data and statistics that will help define who a good customer is. Because after all, you can’t go looking for diamonds if don’t have any idea what a diamond looks like.

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3 Financial Impacts of a Predictable Sales Forecast

Question: How do you know your CRM and sales forecasting tools are working? How do you know when you have a predictable business model and have hopped off that roller coaster

Answer: Your month-end financial statements tell you so.

That’s right – you’ve cleaned your data, segmented and prioritized your contacts and assigned them sales stages. You’re using a CRM and you are generating reports. Now – take a look at your month-end financial statements. Here’s the payoff from all of your hard work:

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Refine and Rejoice: Celebrating Data

Yes, I said "celebrate data." It CAN happen!

My last blog discussed how you can create a smoother sales pipeline (aka sales forecast) by pulling the trigger on a CRM. As you'll recall, it is a process! Revisit our blog series to review this process in detail. Here's a quick recap: In order to step off the sales roller coaster (yes, you CAN do it!), you must create a smoother sales pipeline. To do this, follow these three important steps:

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Set the Stage in Your Forecast

My last several blogs have been about smoothing out the ups and downs of that sales roller coaster, and creating something that brings you peace of mind.

To recap, there are three primary elements in creating a smooth sales pipeline (also called a sales forecast). Number one: good data. Number two: market segmentation. And number three: developing sales stages. 

This blog focuses on element three - sales stages, aka where the rubber meets the road. How do people buy from you? What are the stages they go through during the buying process? What do you need to know to help them?

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