Be Fierce but Graceful - and do Great Things

 If you are involved in complex or considered purchase sales, you understand the challenges associated with them: 

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RPM: 4 Reasons You Aren’t Optimizing (But Think You Are)

Your RPM (Revenue Performance Management) cycle drives your business – it’s your engine! You’re taking a stranger and, with care, turning them into a paying customer. Improving your RPM cycle is the way to streamline your business and increase sales!

Naturally, optimizing this nine-step cycle is a key to success. But let’s stop here. What are we even talking about?

OPTMIZATION is defined by the handy Oxford Dictionary as “Making the best or most effective use of a situation, opportunity, or resource.” In this case, we’re talking about reviewing our revenue performance management work so far, and making it better. This logically follows the step we covered in our last blog – measurement! Now that we have the numbers (closing rate, conversion rate, deals per rep, etc.), we can see where we fall short and make improvements.

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Getting Sales to Engage with Marketing

As a fellow sales and marketing professional, I wanted to follow up on Margery’s September blog post. Her blog focused on the disconnect between marketing and sales and stressed that we must eliminate this disconnect to ensure successful B2B initiatives. I will examine this from the sales perspective.

It is well known that in today’s digital age, content is king. We can find anything just about anywhere. We can gain insights on how to improve just about anything. But — it wasn’t always this way. The changes the information age has ushered in have made it imperative that sales engages much more closely with marketing.

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