‘Inbound Marketing’ – Why Should a Company Engage?

What’s Inbound Marketing? Why is it important? Has it replaced Outbound Marketing? Lots of questions. Lots of solutions. Today’s marketing and selling environment can be pretty confusing.

Everyone agrees that selling to your customers today is becoming more challenging. Why? Because your customer is in control. They are more informed. The Internet and the digital world have given them the opportunity to find exactly what they want, when they want it. Smart companies know this and are creating strong relationships by providing good content. Content that is authoritative and has intrinsic value that keeps your company top of mind and establishes you as an industry thought leader. B2C companies got on the band wagon a while ago. B2B companies, and especially the industrial/manufacturing sector, were slower adopters…but it’s not too late to start for anyone, regardless of your company’s size.Marketing Strategies

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The Real Cost of Data

It’s no secret that poor quality data costs organizationsBIG DOLLARS.Being in the business of lead generation, strategic sales and marketing, and business consulting, this issue comes up time and time again with many of our clients.

It all comes down to cost versus value. Consider this; you are looking for a new appliance within a certain price range. You then realize that if you spend a bit more you may have a better warranty. Or maybe the product reviews indicate the value is worth the extra dollars. It is clear that with a durable good such as an appliance, you can touch it to feel the quality or consider the reviews and determine the cost versus value.

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This blog exists to educate manufacturers, engineers and technical minds on the wonders of inbound marketing, sales enablement and more.

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