Buying a CRM? Don't Go It Alone.

You want to increase sales, and you understand that strengthening and managing your professional relationships with customers is the key to your success. So, it's likely you're looking to adopt a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Adopting a software like this isn't as easy as flipping a switch.  It takes multiple steps and requires a detailed and organized process. At Acadia, having adopted several software applications for internal use, so we understand what goes into a change like this, and have become quite good at it.  Our advice: don't go it alone. 

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Small Steps Add Up to Leaps – An Inbound Success Story

If you’re like me, you enjoy helping people. Knowing you did something that brought joy or relief to someone else puts you on cloud nine. Doing that for a client is just as gratifying. Anyone in the B2B space will tell you that delighting your clients leaves you feeling quite accomplished.

One of the first inbound projects I had the pleasure of being involved with was for a company called
Composite Advantage.

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Are You Using the Best CRM System for Your Business?

Investing in a CRM is a huge decision. Most executives and managers realize the serious nature of this kind of investment, but not all realize that selecting a good or popular CRM will not necessarily give them the best CRM system for their company’s needs.

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Revenue Performance Management: Repeat and Scale!

In our recent blogs, we’ve been working our way around the 9 steps of the Revenue Performance Management cycle. Well, here we are, at the end of the journey, steps 8 and 9: REPEAT and SCALE. Seems logical, doesn’t it? If it works, repeat it and scale it up!

Actually, you aren’t done. In order to REPEAT a success, you have to first understand and document it!

Start by speaking to your staff and clients, and regularly! Find out what is contributing to your successes, and what isn’t. Ditch whatever isn’t – don’t repeat unsuccessful tactics or strategies.

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