CRM: Better Than Cake Pops?

We get it. CRM and CRM reports may not be the most exciting things since cake pops. But really – why invest your time, money and mental health on a system you aren’t using, or aren’t getting the most out of?

Companies are projected to spend $36 billion on CRM software by 2017, according to Gartner's Forecast: Enterprise Software Markets, Worldwide, 2012-2017, 2Q2013 Update. Another report, Current Trends in CRM Adoption and Customer Experience from Computer Economics, found that over 60% of professional or technical service companies are using some sort of CRM. It's everywhere! Yet, we hear from clients every day who say they aren't using their systems as much or as effectively as they could be.

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CRM for Operations

CRM often goes hand-in-hand with sales. But do you realize that a CRM is much more than that? In previous blogs we discussed how CRM bridges that marketing-sales gap. It’s a record of all interactions (like marketing activities) with a contact, allowing us to track the progress of our engagements. We can see why and when potential clients become clients, and prospects become opportunities.

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