The 4 Basics of Lead Generation

Lead generation is defined as ”uncovering a potential opportunity/person who has an interest in purchasing your products or services. “ There are many ways to do this, including inbound/content marketing or outbound marketing via phone or text.

Here at Acadia, we embrace both of these methods, and we call it the OMNIBOUND™ approach.

Whatever your flavor is – you must be prepared before you begin, and be ready to manage and analyze your results. Be sure to focus on both the MATERIAL as well as the PROCESS. Yes, the PROCESS of lead generation.

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4 Easy Steps to Demand Generation - Step 4: Measure, Rinse, Repeat

As we progressed down the first 3 steps of this journey of demand generation, we discussed the importance of striking the right balance for your specific business development needs, managing data and systems and ultimately creation of compelling content. In other words there is no prescription for demand generation. It is about processes, systems and execution. Sound's a lot like manufacturing, doesn't it? Being and electrical engineer myself, this concept appeals to me. No one should be telling you that a new website and inbound program is all you need. On the flip side, outbound calling or outbound marketing efforts may not be the only solution. Careful evaluation of your historical efforts, balanced with how the market is changing and how people look for you, is the mindset you should take, especially as you evaluate your next steps. It is highly recommended to solicit input from colleagues and professionals in the industry to help you understand what strategies and tactics are available.

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4 Easy Steps to Demand Generation - Step 3: Technology Expertise

If you've spent any time reading blogs, attending workshops or executing content-driven programs, I'm sure you've heard a key theme - present yourself as a subject matter expert in your particular area. But here's the problem: Everyone is becoming an expert. Who do you believe? Who do you follow? Who provides you with what you're looking for? It can almost be maddening. As a consumer of content on a regular basis, I love to learn. What I don't love is reading the same old blah, blah, blah. I need to learn something or I become disinterested. 

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4 Easy Steps to Demand Generation - Step 2: Data and Systems

In my previous blog, I discussed the first easy step to demand generation - the thought process behind finding the appropriate balance in your efforts. By fully understanding your business, your clients and which channels you're deploying to generate demand, you can begin to execute a roadmap to success.

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4 Easy Steps to Demand Generation - Step 1: Balance

Balance. Easier said than done in the business world. Perhaps Simon Sinek sums it up best: 

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Inbound? Outbound? Why Choose One?

Inbound? Outbound? What do they mean? How can they impact sales lead and demand generation? Keep reading.

As you may know, inbound marketing involves pulling people to you via your website, relevant offers (think ebooks or webinars) or calls to action for demos or consultations. HubSpot defines inbound as "publishing the right content in the right place at the right time." Yes - it's the way many of us shop today- be it B2B or B2C. Google is our friend! Did you know that most buyers in the B2B space are 70% of the way down the sales funnel, often times anonymously, before we even know they're looking? Thankfully, technology can help eliminate that anonymity.

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7 Steps to Leveraging Tradeshow Leads with Omnibound™ Sales and Marketing

You’ve read (I hope) my other blogs that talk about Omnibound marketing or integrating technology into your sales and marketing efforts. Today I will share a case study on exactly how a mix of outbound marketing and inbound marketing brought a lead to fruition. A lead that could have been considered dead. All names, projects and locations have been changed to protect the innocent. 

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6 Key Takeaways: HubSpot's Annual 'State of Inbound' Report

As you may know, HubSpot recently published their 7th annual State of Inbound report. They surveyed 3957 sales and marketing professionals from 150 countries and compiled their responses into meaningful, digestible, intuitive data narratives and graphics. Lucky us.

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