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Making B2B outbound sales calls is no easy task. At Acadia, the very important people who make these outbound calls are our lead development representatives (LDRs). Each and every time an LDR sits down to work, they're faced with ever-changing scenarios and varying industries, companies and personalities. Each call is unique and could go in many different directions. They also hear "NO" a lot. 

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Is Your B2B Marketing Plan Attracting the Wrong Leads?

Are you getting leads only to realize (after investing time and money) they’re not exactly what you’re looking for?  This is an all too common issue that arises from not having the right plan. 

Ask your team these five questions to evaluate your plan.

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How to Not Get Eaten by the Big Fish: My Thoughts on Breaking Into Corporate Sales

It helped that I won the Pitch Competition at the recent Ohio River Valley Women’s Business Council (ORV-WBC) Catch the Wave Conference in Louisville, KY, but that’s not the only reason I go to this event every year.  My time with other woman professionals at this event is always time well spent. Having the opportunity to get out of the office and share learnings and knowledge refreshes the soul. I'd like to share some insight on a topic that surfaced a few times.

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3 Reasons You Should Be Watching MargeTV Right Now!

Acadia CEO Margery Murphy has ventured into show business! That’s right – Margery is the featured player of Margery Murphy Television, aka Marge TV, aka Mtv. Why should you spend your precious screen time watching Marge TV, a production of Acadia Lead Management Services? Are these timely topics reason enough?

  • Episode 1: Are you crazy enough to own a small business?
  • Episode 2: A day in the life (of a small business owner)
  • Episode 3: Maintaining your balance
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