Who Is Your Best Customer? Call In The CIA.

At Acadia, every single day, we’re in the business of finding new customers for our clients. We call this lead generation.

But first, we begin with research, research, research! You can’t find a new customer until you know really who you’re looking for.  A good research strategy leads us to information, data and statistics that will help define who a good customer is. Because after all, you can’t go looking for diamonds if don’t have any idea what a diamond looks like.

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5 Questions You Need to Ask to Generate Leads

Customers. Clients. Whatever you call them, our businesses exist because of them. We all know this. But did you know that many small businesses survive on one large client or a few word of mouth referrals? Unfortunately, your clients and how you get them will ultimately determine whether you're a long-term success or barely hanging on.

At Acadia, we're asked everyday, "How do I grow my customer base?"

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