Revenue Performance Management: Finding and Delighting Your Ideal Clients in the B2B Space

In a previous blog, we discussed why you should define your ideal client/prospect – and how to do it! We called this creating your buyer persona(s). Have you described your ideal (or best) clients and written up their professional and personal characteristics? Great! Now you’re ready to delight them with compelling content, i.e., present your company to your ideal buyers as a trusted expert within your market space.

Let's pretend you work for a B2B company that supplies specialty metal alloys. Your buyer personas include Engineer Ernie, a project manager who works at a medium-sized manufacturing company in the Midwest, and Buyer Barney, a specialty metal alloy buyer at the same company. How do we reach the Engineer Ernies and Buyer Barneys of the world? In the old days, we might “smile and dial.” In today’s world, we all know hard that is: Dozens of voicemails, gatekeepers and hang-ups might produce one good conversation. Not to mention you’d have to FIND these prospects yourself. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time speaking with prospects that have already shown an interest in you? Read on!

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