Marge Discovers Santa's Big Technology Secret


by Acadia Lead Management Services on December 22, 2016

Santa's Technology SecretEven though December is his busiest month, Santa carved out some time in his schedule to chat with Acadia's Marge Murphy.

The two discussed the secret to his success: His use of inbound marketing tools and strategies. That's right, Santa uses marketing automation technology to stay connected, track engagement, and manage and target his lists. 

His new division of "digital" elves help him:

  • Manage content delivery across several digital platforms
  • Track and analyze lists and statistics
  • Design and customize online tools
Mr. Claus uses social media, blogging and content curation/aggregation to stay connected with the world's children and guide them toward choosing nice over naughty behaviors. Learn more by listening to Santa's chat with Marge.


We hope you enjoyed hearing about Santa's strategy to stay connected with and educate his key stakeholders.  Let us know if we can help you design or implement a similar strategy for your business.

Happy Holidays from the Acadia Team!

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