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by Acadia Lead Management Services on July 9, 2021


Industry Focus

Summit Locations is a regional leader in Out of Home (OOH) property leases. They have an extensive history of researching prime potential OOH locations and local zoning and building code requirements to ensure a seamless project.

Summit has a team of professionals who work with landowners to maximize their property investment. Their land leases are based on percentage of gross revenue generated per structure. Leases also ensure that over the life of the lease, rate increases are optimized for landowners.

Business Challenge

Summit Locations had built an operational structure and process based on spreadsheets and Google Docs. This functioned very well for the first two years; however, as Summit began to grow and expand, the system became inefficient. The leadership team was looking for a way to streamline structure, automate tasks and communications, and generate reports on demand.  

They envisioned an online database that could be populated with data and organized for each team to advance deals and capture key data points. Investing in a custom software package was not feasible. The team felt there had to be an option already on the market that could meet their needs.

How Acadia Helped Summit Locations

The Summit team asked Acadia to evaluate their current process and provide options for an online solution. Acadia’s assessment involved meeting with each Summit team to document processes and the data flowing from one team to the next. The findings were formatted in a visual process chart and reviewed with the Summit team for accuracy.  

The assessment enabled Acadia and Summit to collaborate on ways to streamline data transfer, automate tasks and notifications, and update the process flow for optimization.  Acadia researched several online platforms and presented HubSpot as the most robust and cost-effective solution.  

Acadia created a demo platform to provide a test environment. In addition, Summit tapped two team leaders in their organization who took ownership of the HubSpot deployment. They worked with the Acadia team to create the fields and automation required to achieve their goal of a universal platform.

Six months after the launch, the Summit team is extremely optimistic about long-term positive results. HubSpot has optimized their day-to-day internal operations. They were able to configure the platform to address numerous existing issues surrounding communication and daily operations issues. It has automated a great deal of recurring work that was not only tedious, but time consuming. Finally, reporting is much more efficient and very easy to accomplish.

The Summit team was pleased with the ability to tweak and customize HubSpot to be as “Summit-friendly” as possible. They are using the software to create solutions to every possible issue and scenario they’d experienced in the past from programming in reminders to follow up with zoning inspectors to sending notifications to all pertinent team members about impending construction projects.

Why I Recommend Acadia

“The Acadia team is very detail oriented. They took the time to create an overview of our process and bring to life the many data points we needed to capture, as well as the information that needed to be communicated to our team.  

This allowed us to evaluate our current process it enabled us to make it more efficient. Acadia was the perfect partner for taking us to the next level of growth with using HubSpot as our foundation and platform.”  -Summit Locations, LLC

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