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Our mission is to deliver high-value sales opportunities to drive growth for B2B companies. Founded by engineers who can speak the language, we specialize in the industrial, manufacturing and engineering space. We see ourselves as an extension of your sales and marketing team. 

We offer a unique blend of marketing and sales to enhance your business development efforts. We take the weight off your shoulders and get the results you need. For nearly 20 years, Acadia has been an expert partner to companies that fuel the economic engines of our country.


We are an agile team, ready to grow your business.

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Our values drive growth for our clients and for each individual on our team.

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We are flexible to the client's needs and make smart adjustments.

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We do not have a cookie-cutter approach. Each client has a unique plan of action.

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We represent our clients as they would. We are forthright in our interactions.

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We are confident in our ability to guide our clients to success.

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We are curious and dig deep into our client's world to understand their business.

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We make data-driven decisions and provide measurable outcomes of our work.

We attract employees of varied backgrounds, empowering our team to make meaningful connections with one another, our clients and their prospects.

Marge Murphy - Acadia Team

Marge Murphy

Official Title: President
Actual Title: #MakesUpWords since 1999
A culmination of her life experiences, Acadia sprang up as a blend of identities: engineer, entrepreneur, wife and mother, friend and neighbor. Marge has built a company that values each employee’s unique gifts and because of that culture, a company that delivers results to its clients. Marge has a clear focus on hiring and training the best people, and she leads with heart, a sense of humor and an authenticity that has no rival. She even makes up her own words. Wonky, right?

When not constantly managing change and growth, Marge is spending time with her husband Mike and being a supportive mom to her grown kids. She is active, too. In the office, you’ll often find her working on her treadmill. Out in God’s creation, Marge is biking, hiking or kayaking and always channeling her energy to learn and grow, and help everyone she meets be the best version of themselves.
Mike Murphy - Acadia Team

Mike Murphy

Official Title: Director of Business Operations and Business Development
Actual Title: #NeverSetsTheBarLow since 2013
With an extensive and varied background in engineering, sales, and marketing, Mike knows how to advise our clients because he’s been where they are. He’s always looking ahead to the next goal. A natural adventurer he takes the team into the future with his strong leadership. Please don’t ever tell Mike it can’t be done. That just fuels his New York-based drive to prove you wrong. (and makes us all have to work harder)

To say that Mike is a fan of baseball is an understatement. Outside of his family (he's married to Acadia's president Marge), it is his biggest passion. In the 80’s he pitched for the Indians and helps coach youth throughout the Dayton region. He also enjoys keeping up with his son who plays for the Oakland A’s and helping his daughter with her career as a certified athletic trainer. He also is a freelance (emphasize free) home repair specialist for his daughter's vintage home.
Alan Beck - Acadia Team

Alan Beck

Official Title:Technical Inside Sales and IT/Infrastructure Manager
Actual Title: #DocumentHoarder since 2011
Alan is a list-building, campaign-managing, report-analyzing sharp shooter. He is known to be a great listener and that is the key to his success. He translates what our customers need into action and makes sure we deliver results. Alan thrives when presented with a complex problem. He will dig into it, dissect all the options and then nail a decision on how to move forward.

He is married to another Acadia employee, Shelley, and together they share a deep faith and their awesome backyard pool. Alan dabbles in IT, talks like he knows a lot about sports and politics and delivers it in such a way that you are unsure if he’s being totally serious. He plays a large role in creating the team environment at Acadia and we are lucky to have his calm and confident ways.
Lisa Moore - Acadia Team

Lisa Moore

Official Title:Data Management Specialist
Actual Title:#DataGirl since 2011
Lisa cleans data. She organizes data. She trends data. She delivers that data in a way that Acadia can make informed decisions. She is content to work solo, but loves collaborating with a team. Lisa gets really excited (doesn’t everyone?) when she develops repeatable processes that improve the accuracy and efficiency of data reporting. Don’t ask her to present in front of a group, though. That makes this strong, dependable woman weak in the knees.

It is not surprising then that when she is not working, she’s still doing precision work like sewing and crochet, and no doubt analyzing lots of stuff. A mother of 4 and grandma to 6, Lisa is a true mother hen. Do not cross her family or friends. She might bite.
Jessie Young - Acadia Team

Jessie Young

Official Title: Campaign and Office Coordinator
Actual Title: #TrafficCop since 2012
Jessie is our in-house cat herder, a risk-taker and an out-of-the-box thinker. Her background in the medical field adds an element of strict adherence to process. She prepares and launches every single campaign we undertake. She knows every customer and makes sure that Acadia meets every deliverable. Jessie is also our fearless software guru and helps us use technology to be more efficient, focused and on-track to meet our customers’ goals. (She might actually be the real boss.)

When not at the office, Jessie can be found out and about at a car show, seeing the sights or just enjoying time with her husband and two daughters. Inspired by music, she will say, “When words fail, music speaks.” Brilliant.
Tami Randall - Acadia Team

Tami Randall

Official Title: QA and Operations Manager
Actual Title: #HRQAPDQ since 2006
Tami has a background in business administration and has a keen understanding of compassionate communication. She is an excellent listener and a supportive team member always at the ready to seek the best solution and have fun doing it. As an expert in quality assurance, Tami makes sure our documentation is up to snuff, consistent and brings tremendous value to our clients. She also wears a different hat entirely and sees to it that we are hiring the best people to join the Acadia family. She recently took on the role of Operations Manager/Puppeteer, making sure each client's needs are being met. Our very own celebrity, she even has a patent.

Tami loves family, friends, wine tasting and traveling and not necessarily in that order. A nature lover for sure, she also likes human nature and is drawn toward people of high integrity. Everyone at Acadia values Tami for her forthrightness and honest advice. She brings in treats, too, which helps.
Kim Hoggan - Acadia Team

Kim Hoggan

Official Title: Digital Program Specialist
Actual Title:#EngineerHunter since 2012
Sleuthing is Kim's strong suit. She doesn’t stop until she gets to the right person. Her work can be lonely at times while she researches on behalf of our customers, but she has a keen knack for quickly developing rapport with those whom she is calling. As someone who is dependable and has sticktoitiveness, Kim has helped key customers drive incredible revenue growth. She sets the bar high.

Married for nearly a quarter century and almost an empty nester, when not working Kim can be found paddle boarding, hiking and biking (which is better than driving) to visit the many local breweries in Holly Springs, North Carolina. She used to live in Dayton and can be coaxed to come visit with the promise of the famous Bill’s Donuts. That helps, but what really inspires her is seeing others achieve their goals.
Delaney Bak - Acadia Team

Delaney Bak

Official Title:Digital Marketing Specialist
Actual Title:#QuickDesignSomething since 2017
Delaney is our go-to design consultant. She works internally on Acadia marketing as well as on inbound campaigns for clients. Delaney is a great blend of creativity and attention to detail. She thrives on designing solutions that aren’t just pretty pictures. Delaney recently graduated from the University of Dayton where she studied Marketing and Communications. After interning with us for a year, we are excited to have her with us full time.

Delaney can be found either spending time with close friends and family or exploring the outdoors in her free time. She also enjoys playing with her dog and loves all animals. She lives by the quote “Have courage and be kind” as it encourages her to step out of her comfort zone and reminds her to see the best in others.
Kathy Howard - Acadia Team

Kathy Howard

Official Title:Lead Development Representative
Actual Title:#MatchMaker since 2016
Being a mother to 5 children, Kathy has an incredible ability to understand the different personalities she encounters during her workday. We call her the matchmaker because when she is in the zone, she doesn’t stop until she finds a match between the client and a prospect. Armed with a marketing degree and her caring nature, Kathy excels in connecting on the phone and bringing our clients hot leads so they can grow revenue. 

Kathy is a surrogate mother to (only) 3 dogs. So, you’ll often find Kathy out hiking and enjoying nature, too. A consummate caregiver, she is the office Mom encouraging her coworkers and helping to bring out their best. She also has a smart and sophisticated sense of humor to help keep the Acadia family in line.
Beth Schultz - Acadia Team

Beth Schultz

Official Title: Lead Development Representative
Actual Title: #WanderLust since 2008
Beth is a longtime employee of Acadia. That coupled with her business degree and entrepreneurial spirit makes her a valued member of the team. As an LDR, rejection is part of the work. Beth takes it in stride always falling back on her strong faith and her genuine desire to help our clients succeed.

Beth’s favorite book is the Bible. Married for over 30 years with 2 adult sons, she has earned the right to travel. An aficionado of sorts and very organized, she loves travel almost as much as planning the trip. If work weren’t enough, Beth stays busy outside of work with healthy living and exercise, volunteering and as an amateur baker. We just wished she wasn’t home-based so we could enjoy some of those goodies.
Sylvia Veith - Acadia Team

Sylvia Veith

Official Title: Lead Development Representative
Actual Title: #SquarePegRoundHole since 2014
Sylvia is an actress, writer, and director with a BFA in Fine Arts and an M. Ed. in English Education making her well prepared for working with the variety of people she calls. Inspired by the men and women who work so hard to make the economic engines run in our country, Sylvia works hard to connect with engineers and business owners. Getting a hot lead is one thing, but she‘s accomplished something when she’s made them laugh.

Because she is a teacher, she is super organized. She can’t pass a movie line without straightening it up. As a self-proclaimed dog and cat lady, Sylvia adores her pets and other professions: actress and published playwright. Her childhood friends are still suffering the effects of being roped into her shows which premiered weekly in her parents' garage. We're glad to have her passion, her creativity and her authentic love for being a part of what makes our great country work.
Julia Baker - Acadia Team

Julia Baker

Official Title: Lead Development Representative
Actual Title: #CleanFreak since 2016
We may as well call her cupid. Julia brings companies together to generate clients for our clients: a match made in heaven. Like our other LDRs, she spends most of her day on the phone, buoyed by those hot leads so well-earned. Inspired by those who are optimistic, Julia has her own positivity, outgoingness and humor that she brings to every conversation with a prospective client. She is uniquely organized and a stickler for cleanliness; qualities greatly appreciated throughout the office.

When she's not off finding matches or studying for a Bachelors in Finance from Wright State, she's most likely outdoors, maybe camping or spending time with her fiance and two wonderful soon-to-be stepchildren. During college football season, you will no doubt find her near a television, cheering on her beloved Buckeyes. Go Bucks!
Shelley Beck - Acadia Team

Shelley Beck

Official Title: Lead Development Representative
Actual Title: #AlwaysKind since 2011

Shelley is one of our seasoned LDRs, and has the results to prove it. Loaded with self-confidence and a positive attitude, she thrives when she makes a solid connection for our clients. Shelley is a real team player, willingly sharing her knowledge and secrets to success. Daring and fearless by nature, she does not give up easily. She is a real inspiration to our team!

Outside of work, Shelley is an estate sale junkie, looking for the next greatest bargain. To stay in shape, she swims and practices yoga and crochets to relax. Shelley along with her husband and fellow employee, Alan, take our family-like work environment to a whole new level.
Eileen Simon - Acadia Team

Eileen Simon

Official Title:Quality Assurance Representative
Actual Title:#Wordsmith since 2017
As a librarian by trade, Eileen brings a unique perspective to Acadia, and is an expert at spotting and creating great content. She has put these skills to use as our contract content writer and now in QA as a full-fledged Acadia employee. She works hard to make sure what we do and what we document are the same thing, and we still count on her to write the great content our clients have come to expect. 

In her free time, she knits, crochets, and grows her stash of leftover yarn, especially between events at her kids' swim meets and dance competitions. Eileen feels accomplished when she makes something for dinner that her husband and three kids all like to eat. Always at the ready with a Simpsons quote, you can count on her to lend an ear, a kind thought and offer her favorite dessert. But mostly, she's got a great sense of humor and we're happy she finally joined us.

Kim Petro

Official Title:Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant
Actual Title:#ThatDoesNotGoThere since 2014
Kim is an organization queen and she loves to find creative solutions to new problems. She doubles as our in-house bookkeeper and administrative assistant where she is responsible for the financial well-being of the business while blessing the team with a full supply of coffee. Her fun-loving and inviting personality makes her a friend to all and a highly valued member of the Acadia family.

Outside of work, Kim is passionate about being active in the community. She enjoys gardening, singing, and tabletop gaming. She can often be found out supporting local businesses and is inspired by the world around her. Kim cares deeply about the people she surrounds herself with and her energetic personality is contagious making the workplace that much more exciting. 

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